This is my first ever short story, and it’s just as horrible as the title makes it sound, if not worse. I feel okay with typing it all out, because it’s just what I said — short. Shorter than an average short story, that is. I wrote this while I was in middle school. Seventh grade, I believe. It was painful to read again, but I agreed to get it out. Here it goes…

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess that everyone loved. She was in a great family with many pets that she could easily talk with. As the youngest of the Lunar family, Ashley Lunar knew she would have many responsibilities when she became queen. Taking care of the royal garden, feeding the royal pets, and soon.

Yes, everything was going perfectly in Austria for the Lunar family, but not everyone liked Princess Ashley. Yeah, sure. Everybody on Earth liked her, but what about those little green martians on Mars? No, they didn’t like her at all. What did they plan to do about it? They could kidnap her and hold her for ransom, but that would give away their existence. Could they kill her? That might be an option… Or maybe not…

One day, Ashley was just playing with her puppy as always when she heard a strange noise. “My, my, what could that noise be?” she wondered. “I certainly have never heard it before.” So, like the adventurous girl she was, she went to go check it out.

She always enjoyed exploring, but Ashley always came right back home, so naturally, the king and queen were very worried when she wasn’t back by bedtime.

“Wherever could our Ashley be?” asked the queen, very worried.

“I don’t know,” said the king, just as worried. “She knows bedtime is 11:30 P.M., and she always comes home on time.”

While the king and queen continued to worry, Ashley was having a good time, not even thinking about her parents.

Where was she? If you remember the little green martians from earlier, you might be able to guess. Yes, she was on Mars. The first ever Earth princess to visit outside the planet. Unfortunately, she was having a good time, and didn’t know what horrid fate awaited her.

The next morning, the queen declared she didn’t get any sleep because her little princess was still missing. Since he didn’t want to see his precious wife worry herself to death, the king called a search crew. He ordered them to look for Ashley until they found her.

Ashley was in a room of a house on Mars. Yes, the martians have houses. Don’t ask me. I’m not the one who discovered them. Or am I? Anyways… The martians were discussing what to do. “We can’t just keep her. The people of Earth will suspect something.” This was coming from Dereck. The one scared of people.

Oh, you are such a worrywart!” said his brother, Daryll. “Will you quit already? It’s obvious what we need to do. Kill her! Plain and simple. Just to make it interesting, you will be the one killing her.” He quickly pointed at Dereck.

“I’ve hated everyday since you became ruler,” said Dereck. “If you tell someone to do something, they can’t say no.” That was the end of discussion.

Five days passed by. By now, everyone on Earth has heard about Princess Ashley’s strange disappearance. The queen was so worried, she had to make a trip to the hospital at least twice a day because she would stop breathing. The king grieved for her missing daughter and his troubled wife.

Twenty days later, Dereck was preparing the doom of Princess Ashley. Suddenly, Daryll showed up. “What do you want?” asked Dereck, extremely annoyed at his brother’s constant nagging.

“Oh, I just came to say bye,” Daryll replied. “I’m going on a month’s vacation to Saturn. The rings are always so beautiful this time of year. See you when I get back.”

“Yeah, whatever,” muttered Dereck under his breath.

“Hey, what’s that?” a new voice asked. “It looks dangerous.

“Princess Ashley!” a surprised Dereck replied. “Yes. Be careful around it. It is dangerous.” Oh, how he wished he could tell her what it was really for. For, the truth was, he had fallen in love with this young princess.

“Oh, my, should we really be near it, then?” queried the princess. “Shall we move away?”

“Would you like to know how it works?”

“Oh, yes. That sounds exciting!”

“Okay then, just put your head here, your arms there, and your legs…oh perfect.” He started to pull the lever for her doom. “Oh, I can’t do it!” a despaired Dereck cried. “My brother told me to kill lyou, and he is the ruler, so I tried, but I can’t bring myself to do it!” He quickly helped her out of the trap.

For the first time, Ashley saw the martian clearly. Love at first sight? This, we will never know. Although, their eyes met, and her affection for him clearly came.

This must have been clear, because Dereck said, “You don’t look mad that I tried to kill you.”

“Oh, who cares!” cried the princess. “It is obvious that you and I were meant to be!”

“Would you like me to take you back to Earth? This time, I’ll walk you home if you protect me.”

“Yes, as long as we can be together for at least a little while.” So they went to Earth.

It was the morning of the twenty-first day. The queen was still worried when there was a voice coming from downstairs. “Mom, Dad, I’m home! Plus, I have a new friend!”

Oh, how the parents hurried down the stairs. They were faster than anyone thought possible.

“Ashley!” cried the queen hugging her daughter tight and showering her in kisses. “Oh, my Ashley! You have returned home! Wherever have you been?”

“And just who is this friend of yours?” asked the king, relieved to see his daughter safe and sound, but skeptical of the creature he had never seen before not two feet away from the princess.

I’ve been on Mars!” said the princess. The martians took me away and that’s where the UFO landed.” Ashley and Dereck decided it was best no not tell the parents he had tried to kill her.

“Oh, my,” said the king. “So this is a martian?”

“His name is Dereck, and he’s the love of my life.”

“You’re dating a martian, honey?” asked the queen. “Well, as long as you’re safe.”

“Absolutely,” agreed the king. “Dereck, would you like to stay here on Earth, or would you rather go back to Mars?”

“Well, I’m tired of my brother always nagging, and the love of my life lives here, so I wish to stay on this planet.”

Oh, Dereck,” said Ashley. “You’re giving up your home planet for me?”

“No, sweetie, I’m giving it up for us.”

One year later, Dereck and Ashley got married and spent the rest of their lives happily together with many celebrations. So, what happened to Daryll? Nobody knows for sure. One day, he just simply disappeared. Rumor is, when he found out his brother had moved to Earth, he was happy and went back to Saturn to live there.

So, all ended well. Everybody was happy and lived happily ever after.

The End