My second short story was written about a year and a half after my first. I was still horrible at writing, though I feel like this one came out better than the last one. I got the idea for this one while I was on Neopets (go ahead, judge away), and got to know some people on a board called the Shenkuu Teahouse. This is how a typical day with these people could go if we had met in real life.

What started out as an unbiased club anyone could join quickly turned in the opposite direction. I found this club during the summer and joined in the conversation without any knowledge of the past few years. Everyone had unconcern about my joining in, or so I thought. Little did I know that because of the past few years, the members of the Skenkuu Teahouse were suspicious of spammers.

“Hey you! You aren’t a spammer, are you? Why do I have the feeling you are? You are, aren’t you?” The next thing I knew, different objects were flying at me and I landed on my back in surprise.

“Rp, please, you’re scaring the new guest. Will you calm down? The battle was over two hours ago!” The boy that had addressed the girl, Rp, then turned to me and uplifted me off my feet. “Sorry about her. She’s always suspicious of new guests. It’s unquenchable to tell you how much and we are still unable to unscramble why. Anyway, I’m Shun. Welcome to the Teahouse! What is your name?”

“I’m Courtney,” I mumbled rubbing my head which was hurting from hitting the floor. “I believe I have gotten the unabridged version of Rp’s wrath just from being here for five minutes. Am I not welcome here? I could always leave if–

“No! Don’t leave!” Another girl entered the room, and stopped me mid-sentence. “Don’t mind Rp. she’s just cranky because she thinks her job doesn’t pay her enough.”

“Kyra! There you are. I was wondering where you went.”

“Hey Shun! Sorry, I  had to go run a few errands right quick. I’m back now, though!”

“Yay! Oh, and by the way, what you told Courtney about Rp being a little cranky was an understatement!” He nodded towards my direction. “Believe me. She knows.”

“I really do know,” I told Kyra as I walk up to join the conversation while thinking about earlier. I quickly told her what happened.”

“I can’t believe it! She always does this! I’m going to have to talk to Spyro, Salinga, and Rp about this again. I can imagine the scene now.”

Right at that time, Rp walked back in. “I heard what you said, underdeveloped understudy!” she yelled as she stormed into her lab. “I’ll be in here, having one of my emo moments. Don’t bother me. I am so underprivileged with my parents, it’s not even funny.” She slammed the lab door closed.

“Or so she thinks,” Kyra remarked. “Notice any underscores in that speech? She does that a lot. I just noticed Shun is gone. He could tell you all about that if he were still here. Hey, I see Spyro! She can tell you, if she feels up to it. None of the members are all that comfortable with bringing up the past. We’ve even had to ban someone. That was definitely not a good year.”

I realized then that I had only seen the bad side of Rp and wondered, “Is Rp always like this, or is she happy at times?”

“Oh, she’ll be fine here in the upcoming minutes,” the girl Kyra had told me was Spyro said. “She’s one of the reasons we’re able to upkeep this place.”

“Meet Courtney, Spyro,” Kyra said and then turned to me.

“Unfortunately, what she said is true. I mean, Rp can be a good friend, but she gets mad easily. However, we do like the upgrades we get that she does in her lab. That’s one of the main reasons we keep her.”

“Basically, she’s just being Rp. Just wait until Covu comes and then there will be an upheaval. Those are always fun to watch.” My eyes grew wide as Spyro finished talking. Why am I not surprised Rp would get into a fight?

A couple minutes later, a girl enters, and a man walks in right behind her. “Withhold, the great Covu has arrived! Yes, I meant to say withhold instead of behold,” the girl said.

“Wow Covu,” the man said. “You are apparently not withdrawn.”

“No, Joshua, I’m not. I will say what I want, notwithstanding what they say!”

“Who said that?” another girl asked. “Oh, Covu. Why am I not surprised? I think I’ll just withdraw now.”

“No, Red! Come back!” Covu shouted after her.

“I’ll be  back when you’re ready to calm down,” Red replied. “We don’t need people to make a withdrawal suddenly. Like those two new people over there.” She pointed to Joshua and I when she noticed us talking.

“That would be Courtney and I don’t know the other guy,” Shun remarked coming back from nobody knows where.

“Joshua,” Covu said. “His name is Joshua.”

“You’re here!” We saw the door of Rp’s lab fly open. “I thought I heard you! Why did you bring a new person?”

“Rp, you’re lucky I’m able to withstand you’re remarks,” Covu answered.

“Are you asking for a fight?”

“Let’s not,” Kyra interrupted. “Let’s see, everyone seems to be here except for Salinga. Will somebody call her?”

“I will,” Spyro replied. She walked out the door with the phone in her hand.

“Trying to  avoid a fight again by having everyone at a party?” Shun asked. “I love it when we do that.”

“Party? Oh, that sounds like fun,” I said.

“Trust me, they are. No planning whatsoever,” Shun replied. “Salinga should be here in a few minutes.”

About ten minutes later, Salinga arrived. Everyone danced, sang, talked, and had a good time. Even Rp seemed to be nicer than before. As it turned out, she really can be a good friend as long as you don’t get on her last nerve. The party ended at midnight and we all wnt home. The one thing I knew for sure was this: I would be visiting the Shenkuu Teahouse a lot more often now.