Written a year after The Teahouse Frenzy, this is also inspired from when I was on Neopets. I was trying to get in the paper on there, the Neopian Times. I was rejected (not a big surprise, considering I was half asleep when I wrote it and it’s a piece of crap), and so this piece was forgotten about. So here it goes…

Nicky paced nervously back and forth in her cage as she eagerly awaited her new owner. She didn’t know who that was yet, but she was hoping she would find out soon — or to even have an owner soon. “How could my owner just abandon me like that?” she wailed. “I’ve been in this pound for weeks!” Just then, she heard a noise.

“It’s good to see you again, Ms. Killian”, said the pound owner.

“Please, I’ve told you before, call me Courtney.”

“Well that’s a new voice,” said Nicky to herself. “Maybe I actually have a chance of getting out of here now!”

“Just then, a nice-looking girl walked into Nicky’s room with the pound owner. Nicky paused to listen.

“…and so once again you see why we hardly ever have pets adopted from this room. It’s where all the cheap pets are and people don’t really go for that. Last time, I believe you adopted a Quiggle from this very room, if I remember correctly?”

“Oh, yes,” said Courtney brightly. “Flippers is doing very well. I transferred her over to my other home, but she is very happy.”

She kept going on about this as she looked around. After what seemed like forever, she looked at Nicky.

“Oh, a Blue Mynci? It’s adorable!” she squealed with delight. Nicky widened her eyes and smiled. Was she really going to get adopted?

“Yes, that’s Nicky,” said the owner looking at his chart. “Would you like her?”

“Yes, please!” said Courtney. And so, the deal was done. Courtney signed the papers and Nicky was on her way to a new home.

“On the way home, Nicky was fed and painted Red. The painters gave her a bow tie just for the pleasure of wearing. These little extra stops gave her and Courtney some extra time to talk.

“So what kind of home am I going to?” asked Nicky.

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll love it,” replied Courtney. “Your siblings will be Sue the Wocky, Bea the Usul, and Intodracola the Koi. All of them will be so happy to see you! Sue was my first pet, and will most likely be the most welcoming. She’ll be able to tell you that I’ve never pounded a pet, and never plan to!”

Nicky was so happy to hear this, she could’ve cried. She and Courtney continued to talk the rest of the way home, and she became more and more convinced that she would love her new home.