Okay, there’s something a little different abut this post than the last ones. We’re finally getting to the part of why “Writing Tips” is in the name of the blog. However, first, I want to announce that I will be blogging the first draft of my novel every Monday. I hope this will promote my book for when I am ready to have it published. I will post writing tips every Wednesday and Friday.

Okay, now that’s done. Time for today’s tip.

You know, it’s funny. I thought that I knew what today’s tip would be by yesterday afternoon. After all, a writer’s mind is never truly relaxed, right? I thought that would be what I wrote about tonight, but that’s not the case. That’s going to be postponed until Wednesday.

Today is going to be about what happened to me last night. I couldn’t completely understand it, but I’m going to attempt to explain. I seem to have come to a dead end on my first full-length novel that I have ever attempted to write. I was absolutely devastated. It’s hard knowing that you’re nowhere near toward the end but you can’t do anything about it. How do you deal with it? Well, my answer was to write another one, since I had just gotten the idea for what I believe has real potential, but that’s not always the case for everyone.

Sometimes, you have to find an alternative ending, or you have to let it become what I like to call a dead piece (thanks to the Newbie Writers for the name!). It’s okay to not know what to do with a dead end piece. It’s okay to not know how to go forth. When writing gets tough, you have to get tougher. It takes time, but I know we’ve all had this experience. I may be an unpublished author, but I know that with time, I will become published. Stand with me, fellow writers. We can get through tough experiences together. Unpublished writers, have faith in yourself. Things will become amazing for you. Maybe you won’t be a bestseller, but as long as you love your writing, and don’t give up after one rotten dead end, everything will be worth the struggle. Stand firm, new writers. I believe in you all.