This is the lesson that I thought about making lesson one, but as I said on Friday, I changed my mind. A writer’s mind is never truly relaxed, right? Before I got serious about writing (which was actually really recent), I never understood this. I couldn’t understand why writers were always so antsy and couldn’t wait to get to pen and paper or a computer. I never understood why they were always writing. I would be turned away from writer friends when they said, “Can’t talk, writing.” Well…ouch.

One day, I understood where they were coming from. For some unexplained reason, I couldn’t relax, and I was mysteriously okay with this. I couldn’t understand why I was mad that I couldn’t write because I was too busy studying for finals. I couldn’t understand why I decided to stay up so late just so I could write. I couldn’t understand why I was looking for editors and cover designers way before I was ready. I couldn’t understand any of this.

Now, however, I understand. I love writing. That’s what I want to spend my time doing. A writer’s mind is wired to write. I realized this, and suddenly got very passionate. If you don’t understand why you have this urge to write, go ahead and write. My best idea yet came from being this passionate. Don’t fight the urge to write — embrace it. You will find that so many new ideas will come. It’s an amazing feeling. You never know what can happen. It may be scary at first, but you will love this feeling eventually. If you don’t have time, find time. You don’t want to lose what could be an amazing idea. Keep your ideas and write them down, writers. Keep chasing your dream. I believe in you all.