I admit, this time I didn’t actually make a plan for this post. This probably isn’t a good thing, but I do have something to talk about. I’ll be talking about critics. Everyone is a critic. I want to tell you to not try to please them.

Seriously, don’t try to please critics. Just try to please yourself. We all know that not everyone will like our writing. Not everyone will want to read the genre that we write. It may be hard to get a bad review, but try not to stress about it too much. Someone that reads your particular genre will even like your work. Don’t try to change how you write to please everyone. Your writing will just get worse. If you’re mixing up your writing just to make everyone happy, that will just make everyone unhappy. I’ve heard a lot about this. I haven’t ever experienced this myself, but I’m sure that I will. Not everyone will like my writing. While I’ve always hated critiques, I’m going to have to be okay with this.

I know I said this in the last paragraph, I can’t say it enough. Don’t try to please the critics. Sometimes, people just want to be hard on you just to be hard. Sometimes, they just really want to make you better. If they want to make you better, then okay, listen to them. However, if this is just a reader, well, not everyone will like your writing.

Keep the faith in your writing. One bad review will not hurt you. Keep writing, writers. I believe in you all.