Today, I want to talk to you about another subject that is similar to rejection. This subject is failure. Failure makes anyone feel like they aren’t good enough. It doesn’t have to necessarily be about writing (although that’s what we’ll be focusing on), but it could be about anything. Dreams that don’t come true could make anyone feel like a failure. It isn’t fun, but it’s a fact of life, so we’ll be talking about how to get past it and move on.

Let me tell you, when my ex-fiance told me that it was either college and writing or him, I had a tough choice. I loved writing and I had a dream of getting a college education, but I also loved him. I did have this dream of getting married and starting a family with him, but I eventually decided to go to college and start a writing career. There are other guys. There’s only one dream.

It was several months before I even started writing again, and I started college late. I’ll admit it, I felt like a complete failure. I hated it. I thought I had made the wrong choice. Suddenly, one day, I got an amazing idea and I couldn’t wait to start writing. I loved the feeling. Now, I run a growing blog and I’m working on my first full length novel. Failure can turn into something amazing.

This could happen to you too, writer. If you feel like you may have made the wrong choice or feel like a failure because of rejection or whatever you may be going through, things will get better for you. Let me say that again: Things will get better. I know it will. Don’t let one failure bring you down. It will happen, and you will get an amazing idea. Let the magic happen. Keep writing, writers. I believe in you all.