Today, I am talking mostly to mystery authors. I’m a mystery author myself, so I feel pretty confident about this topic. I’ll be talking about killing off the victim. It can be tough, but it is so worth it.

First of all, you should base a victim off of someone you can’t stand. I choose my ex-boyfriend. Trust me, it’s not easy. You might actually have to talk to them. I was talking to my ex-boyfriend earlier. I had to act like I was friends with him just so I could get some inside information. I got out of him that he and his fiance are breaking up, but he wouldn’t give me the reason why. I have to set that scene and motive up for myself. Sigh.

Nothing will ever be just handed to you. A lot of times, you’ll have to make sure the person you can’t stand is in your sight. The only reason my ex-boyfriend is still on my Facebook page is so I can have ideas to kill him (on paper, of course).

Don’t let that person know that you’re using them as a model. They’ll probably be able to tell if they ever read your book. Their personality will probably come through in the victim. Try not to over think it, though. It will come naturally. I thought that it would be hard to write my ex-boyfriend in. It was surprisingly easy.

If you have anymore questions about choosing victims, please let me know! I always accept questions. If you want me to, I will answer the question as best I can on my blog. You can contact me at Keep the faith, writers. I believe in you all.