This is terrible! I can’t believe he died!” Jenny wailed.

I’ll call 911 and his parents,” another teacher said.

His parents should be here already to pick him up,” said Jenny. “I’ll go get them.”

About 20 minutes later, the police arrived. Sheriff Hemmingway looked at the body and stood up to turn to the grieved parents. “It looks like he was strangled,” he said. “We’ll look for who it was. It was definitely an inside job. Since all of the kindergarten teachers were inside when it happened, they are all under suspicion, his own teacher being the prime suspect, of course.”

Perfect. I was not the prime suspect even though I was the last one in the conference room. School had been canceled for the rest of the day for the rest of the kids, and would most likely be canceled for the rest of the year. I could probably manage to get back to Texas as soon as this investigation was over. This was the most exciting Monday of my life.

Officer Bedding, make a list of all the kindergarten teachers and make sure to question them,” said the sheriff.

Yes, sir,” said the officer.

We all parted and went home. I was already plotting what I would tell the officer tomorrow. I had to find a way to get my name off of the suspect list. I was not about to be stuck here all summer. I would love to frame somebody else. I just had to find out who.

The next morning I had to get up for school again. I didn’t want to, but it had to be done. Jenny had to pick me up again since my car was in the shop, but I would be able to pick it up later, which I was glad of.

Hey, Jenny,” I said. “How are you?”

Absolutely terrible,” Jenny said. “I can’t believe they think I did it.”

Well it does make sense. I mean, you are the teacher. You didn’t do it, of course, but the cops don’t know you like I do.”

Yeah, you’re right. Let’s just get today over with.”

I agreed. I was, of course, only pretending to be concerned. I had no intention of getting emotionally involved with this case. I was only looking out for myself. Jenny was, of course, a good friend, but a case was a case, and as a psycho murderer, I had to not be concerned about anybody else.

When we reached the school, cops were already surrounding it. “Well, looks like roll call,” I said jokingly. “Looks like there’s no way to get around being here.”

How can you be so light-hearted about all of this?” asked Jenny.

Might as well keep the spirit up. No need to just go on and be nervous about it. That’s only going to make you look suspicious.”

Yeah, you’re right. Let’s just go.”