I’m sorry my post is so late today — I was thinking today was Tuesday when it’s actually Wednesday!

Today, I’m talking to you about breaks. As writers, we all need them. I know I need a break. I’m on break from writing now, in fact. Well, on break from working on my novel, that is.

Say you feel like you’re not getting anywhere with your writing. You feel like you’re in a rut. You’re forcing yourself to write and you hate every second of it. You’re confused and frustrated by this feeling because you started out so passionate about this piece. My suggestion? Take a break from it. Get away from the work. Put the pen down, shut the computer off, do whatever it takes to get your mind off of that particular piece of work for a while. And by a while, I don’t just mean a few hours. I mean a few weeks. Personally, I take a month, but everyone has their own time they need away from their writing.

After the break is over, take a fresh look at your writing. If you feel motivated, keep on going. If you still feel like you’re forced or you can’t get anywhere with it, stop. Just stop writing it. You’re wasting energy and it’s going to be apparent to your readers. You don’t want that. You have so much potential built up, and you don’t want to waste that on something you’re just not passionate about. Move on to something else you want to write. Something you’re more passionate about. I know I did, and it helped. I hit a dead end in the first novel I tried, but once I got the idea for the next novel, I got so passionate about it and I’m still working on it. I may be on break from it now, but I’m actually excited to get to working on it again in July.

Never force yourself to work on something you hate. Remember, the great story is always inside you. You just have to let it come out.

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