We walked up to the school. An officer was right by the front door. “Tell me your name so I can mark you off the list.” We told him and walked inside. I looked down. One of the officers had dropped the list of suspects. I took a look at it.

Margaret Adleman

Jennifer Laisa

Sheila Mackintosh

Kevin Mush

Jennifer Walsh

Benjamin Zayla

Well, I was on there. No surprise there. I was, after all, one of the kindergarten teachers. I of course had to find a way to get off of there. I was not about to spend all summer stuck here in this miserable state.

I found the sheriff on the way to sit with the other teachers. I gave him the list. “Here, I found this,” I said.

Ah, thank you,” he said. He took it and walked away.

Officer Bedding walked in. “Okay, here we go. Once you get done, you may go.” So the questioning began.

When it was my turn, I walked in looking a little grieved. Officer Bedding looked at me with concern. “I know, it’s a hard time. A child was killed.” Then he got a stern look on his face. “But you are still under suspicion. You are not about to get off easily.”

I sighed. “I know. It’s just hard to get through it. It’s so sad that this kid was killed. Strangled, even. I don’t see how anyone would want to kill this child.”

Well, how did he act around you?”

Oh, the same as he acted around anyone, I suppose. He was, of course, getting out of hand, but we were going to suggest that he go to a school for troubled children. Nobody wanted to kill him, or so I thought.”

There weren’t any fingerprints, so there’s no point in fingerprinting you. Do you, by chance, own any gloves or mittens?”

Perfect. I was from Texas. I never needed those back when I lived there. “No, I don’t.” That’s when an idea came to me. “However, I do know the principal does. I was in the office the other day and saw them when she opened her drawer. She was looking at them pretty closely.”

It actually wasn’t a lie. I had been in the principal’s office the other day. I couldn’t understand why she had them knowingly. I had pretended not to notice it. “Thank you for that information. I suppose we’ll have to add her to the list. Although, keep in mind, she’s not the only one to own gloves. You should get some too. It gets cold in the winter here,” he said.

I’ll keep that in mind,” I answered. We finished up the questioning, and I went outside.

When I got home, my phone rang almost right away. It was Jenny, and she was chatting away excitedly. “We’re on the news,” she said. “We’re on the news. Apparently even the principal is even under suspicion now. We’re getting a lot of publicity. I can’t understand why. I was hoping that nobody would find out about this. I’m sure the parents were too. Why can’t this just be a private thing?”

Calm down, Jenny. Are you really that surprised? After all, it is a big deal. A five-year-old kid was murdered.”

I know… Oh, hey, apparently school is opening up again on Monday.”

Oh, really? Well, it’s good that we can finish up the year, at least. I have to go. I told my sister I would keep her updated.”

Okay, I’ll see you Monday, then.”

See you Monday.”

Well, shit. School wouldn’t be out for the rest of the year. Looks like I wouldn’t be getting out of here early even if the case ended before the school year was supposed to end. I looked outside. It was such a sunny day. It would be so nice to go outside, but I really didn’t want a neighbor to see me and talk to me about the case.

At least I had the car back. I could go anywhere if I wanted. I had to be careful, though. I didn’t want to see anyone that I know. The less I talked about the case, the better. I was not about to slip and let anyone know I killed Toby.