They hung up. I couldn’t believe I had just gotten that call. I didn’t recognize the voice. I wasn’t sure how that person had found out. I had to be careful with everything I said and did without giving it away to anyone else. I had to find out who had given that call. Tracking the number was out of the question, since it was a private number. I was going to find out who this was, though. I would find out if it was the last thing I do.

Yet another day started up and I had to get to the school. I was fairly skeptical, but I wasn’t about to let some phone call ruin my perfect attendance. Besides, being at school would be helpful in finding out who it was. It would be rich if I could frame that person. I would go down as the greatest framer in history. I would be the only one to know this, of course, but that’s why I would be the greatest. Only good framers are never found out.

I walked in the school ready to scope out the caller. I could swear people were looking at me. No, it was probably just my imagination. Nobody knew that I had gotten that call except for me and the caller. Nobody would ever know. This would just be my own little investigation. The police were there already. I wished they would go away. It was already hard to get little kids to listen. It’s even harder when they have an extra distraction. Not to mention the fact that I would be questioned again, I was sure.

I was halfway through Cinderella when a policeman walked in. I looked up and he nodded at me to keep going. I finished the book up and told the kids to continue to play with the play dough quietly.

Can I help you?” I asked.

I would just like to ask you a few more questions,” he said.

Can’t this wait until the kids are at lunch?” We were speaking in hushed tones. A few of the kids were looking wide-eyed at the policeman that was talking to me.

No, I’m afraid it can’t. The sheriff has his orders.”

Okay, I suppose. I wish it could wait, though. We have a lot to get through this morning.”

Have you gotten any strange phone calls lately?” he asked. This caught me by surprise. I tried to keep my cool.

What do you mean?”

A lot of the teachers have gotten a strange phone call about the murder. Everyone says that the person on the other end of the line says that they know that the teacher did it.”

Oh, really?” Good, I wasn’t the only one. Whoever it was, was taking a guess. “Yeah, I got one just yesterday.”

Hmmm, very interesting. I’m going to have to report this. I’m guessing it was a private number?”

Yes, it was. I’m not even sure why I answered, really.”

Well, just let us know if you get anymore. This is very important to the investigation. Thank you for your time.” He walked out. So everyone else had gotten the call too. I was a bit relieved, but at the same time, I was angry. Who would make a call like that? The police would never find out who it was. It couldn’t have been everyone that got the call. Somebody made the call. Somebody was lying. I knew they were.