Okay, class dismissed. See you tomorrow, children.” The kindergartners were more than happy to run out to the playground at the end of the day. The kindergarten teachers had another conference. I never looked forward to this. I had to watch what I said. There would be a lot of suspicion coming up.

I would like to draw attention to a phone call that everyone got,” a teacher said. Bingo. Nobody had said anything about everyone getting the call.

How do you know that everyone got it?” I asked. “I only know because the officer came to me last and said so. Surely you were the first one he went to since your classroom is the first.” Everyone muttered in agreement.

Well, I just have this feeling. I mean… I know I didn’t kill Toby. I couldn’t have. I don’t even know the kid well enough.” The teacher was flustered. This was so rich. I had cornered this teacher into admitting that they had been the one to make the call. Everyone was mad at this person for making the call.

How dare you?” everyone was saying. “You shouldn’t have made that call. You scared me!”

I was feeling a lot of satisfaction at managing to catch the caller so quickly. Jenny, the one that I had been planning to frame all along, was the one to make the call to everyone. I could have her canned for false accusations. Everything was falling into place perfectly.

We made sure Jenny stayed put while the police were brought to the conference room. Jenny turned herself in. The officers read off her rights and took her away. She would be put away for a very long time.

I could only hope that the rest of my plan would work out as perfectly as it has already. It was interesting that Jenny had made that call. I only wish that it hadn’t been as easy as it was. I would, however, be ready to be able to frame her at the first available moment. Sure, it would be different not having someone to talk to every single day after school, and a new teacher would have to be found right away, but it would be fine. I was ready to get this framing really going. Jenny making that call was only going to fuel the fire.

I was still thinking about how perfectly everything was falling into place when I was on the way home. I loved making out the scenarios out in my head.