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Today, I’m going to talk to you about dedication. How dedicated are you to getting your book out in the world? A lot of people say that they want to write a book, but very few actually do. Why? There are a lot of people that just aren’t dedicated to the project.

We all know about how some authors get major success. We’ve heard the names — J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Agatha Christie, George R.R. Martin, and a handful of others. At some point in time, we all think it will be so easy to become just like them. Then we get to the actual work, and we find out that it’s not. Then a lot of writers complain about how it’s not so easy and they just want to become successful already. If you feel that way, you better find an easier career, buddy. Writing is not easy.

J.K. Rowling spent years in poverty and wrote on welfare and at night. It was years before she got the first Harry Potter book out. It became a sensation almost right away, but it wasn’t easy getting there. Don’t expect to become an overnight success just because you look at all these successful authors.

If you’re dedicated to your project, you won’t have a problem with your book possibly taking years. I know, I sound discouraging right now, but it’s the truth. The fact is, it takes time to write and time to get published. If you dedicate the time and the passion, though, you will get it done.

So, are you dedicated enough to get a book out? It’s time to find out. Stop whining and start writing. Ready, set, go.

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As always, keep the faith, writers. I believe in you all.