Pizza was ordered in for the kids and teachers. While we ate, I put in Beauty and the Beast. Might as well, it was one of the many stories we read during the year. I barely even watched it. I was making after-school plans. I wouldn’t be just taking off to Texas, like I had planned. It was a shame that I couldn’t. Just taking off like that would just look way too suspicious. Instead, I would stay here until the case was over. I just had to frame Jenny first.

The kids were picked up, and I went off to the principal’s office. Good, I was glad Margaret wasn’t in her office. I slipped in and got into the drawer. Perfect. The gloves were still there. This was turning out really well. I couldn’t wait to get to Jenny’s jail cell. I, of course, slipped gloves on myself so I wouldn’t get my own fingerprints on them. I slipped out of the door and made sure nobody was around. Once I was sure it was clear, I made my way out to the parking lot. I got in my car, and headed to the county jail.

When I got there, I was surprised at how lacking the security was. Nobody checked me to make sure I didn’t have any breakout tools. I asked where Jenny’s jail cell was, and I got there. She lit up when she saw me. Oh, how disgusting it was. I was about to wipe that smile off of her face.

Hey, Jenny. It’s a little chilly out today. Hard to believe, being late May, isn’t it?”

You came! I’m so happy you did!”

Yeah, I heard you were asking for me. What’s up?”

Oh, it’s just terrible in here. I have to get out. You’ll prove I didn’t do it, won’t you?”

Well, you did actually commit a crime, you know. But I’ll see what I can do about the murder case.” So what if I lied to her? I wasn’t about to tell her that I was going to frame her. “Hey, look at this.” I took the principal’s gloves out of my sweater pocket.

Aren’t those Margaret’s gloves?”

Yeah, they are. Weird, isn’t it? I found them in my pocket when I put my sweater on. I couldn’t believe it. I think she’s trying to frame me.”

Wow… Let me see those.” Jenny reached through the cell to grab the gloves. Bingo. I was about to stir up a lot of drama in this case. She gave them back after a couple minutes and I put them back in the pocket. We talked for a few more minutes and then I said I had better get going.

Last day of school, you know. All the kids had their party. I had better get going and tell my parents that I won’t be coming for a little while.”

Okay, well, come back and see me in a couple days. You will, won’t you?”

I’ll do what I can.”

Okay, thanks. Report those gloves to the police!”

I will.” She’s going to wish she had never said that.

I got back to the front desk and asked to see Sheriff Hemmingway. The secretary called him in.