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Today, I’m going to talk to you about giving up. Don’t do it. That’s not allowed. Do you really want to get that book written? Great. Are you stuck? That’s okay. Take a break. But make sure you come back to it.

We all need breaks as writers. I’ve said that before. The problem with breaks, though, is that sometimes we never get off the break. I’ve done that. I started a fantasy novel, took a break because I was stuck, and never came back. That piece is nicely dead now. It was even read out as a Bring Out Your Dead piece on the Newbie Writers’ Podcast! (http://www.newbiewriters.com/)

Maybe some things you’ll give up on. Maybe it just wasn’t your genre. I discovered fantasy just was not the genre of writing that I was good at, so I eventually decided I wouldn’t go back to it. That’s when I sent it in as a dead piece. It’s okay to abandon a project if it’s not your genre, but don’t you dare give up writing completely. we have failed projects. We have early, horrible projects. That’s okay. Sometimes writing is trial and error. Don’t you dare give it up completely. That’s not okay. Try a different genre. Try writing a genre that you read a lot. I read a lot of Agatha Christie. That’s how I got into writing murder mysteries.

What is your genre? What do you like to read? Feel free to let me know.

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As always, keep the faith, writers. I believe in you all.