Everyone responded quickly to the message and we decided to have Skype done the next day. I didn’t have a webcam, so I wouldn’t be seen. This was great. Come to think about it, I don’t think any of the teachers have webcams. A teacher’s salary just isn’t enough when it comes to buying nice things.

The Skype day came. I called everyone and they all answered pretty quickly. Nobody was on cam, of course. We all said hi and started talking about the case.

Jenny had to have done it, I just know it,” said one teachers.

What? No way, Jennifer did it,” said another.

What? Me? Why would it be me?”

You’re getting defensive, that’s a good sign!”

No way she did it, it’s only a guy that would have that kind of a lack of heart!”

Hey, no way!”

I would never do anything like this! I like my kids!”

Hey guys, we’re not really getting anywhere on this. We called this Skype meeting for a reason. We have to talk about this calmly.”

I think Margaret did it. She just looks like a killer.”

I did not! I will not be accused like this! Sheila obviously did it!”

What? Me? Why would it be me? I have no reason to kill a kid, I just started this job!”

So did Jenny, but you see how far that got her.”

She only did that because she was scared!”

Says the one that refuses to go see her.”

Hey guys, turn on the news.”

There was a pause in conversation. Nobody knew what to make of that comment.

What channel?”