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Today, I’m going to talk to you about reading. Reading, as well as actually writing your manuscript, is very important. You learn about your writing by reading.

Let’s say your not a reader, but you want to write. You take classes. You practice writing. I can guarantee that’s not enough. Practicing your writing is important, I agree, but it’s not enough. There are books about writing. Why would there be if reading wasn’t important? Think about it.

How would you know how other authors got their start if you didn’t read? I personally love Agatha Christie, and can’t wait to get my hands on another one of her books.

That’s another thing. How do you know what you want to write if you never read? You don’t. I can guarantee it. Writers write what they know. They write what they read. I tried writing a fantasy once before. It failed miserably because I don’t read fantasy. I write murder mysteries, and guess what? That’s mostly what I’ve grown up reading.

I mostly had to make this post to rant about how I’ve seen a lot of people lately not read but want to write. I’m ashamed to say that’s the first thing I found after signing up to Goodreads (which, begs the question, why are they on there if they don’t read?). Hopefully that will not discouraging from continuing on with that site.

What do you enjoy reading? Do you write what you read? Let me know in the comments. (:

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As always, keep the faith, writers. I believe in you all.