I messaged everyone again after about an hour had passed by. I knew I would probably be met with steam from everyone, but I had to suggest another Skype meet the next day. I figured we should probably do that every single day until the case was closed. I wanted to see just how paranoid I could make everyone. I was making sure everyone had their backs turned toward each other. I was really enjoying this case even more than I thought I would. This Skype calling was even better than going to school every single day. I could get everyone together without fists being thrown and no just talking in groups. No suspicious eyes would be going around. Only suspicious voices.

Surprisingly, everyone agreed to a daily Skype meeting. I was really excited. Everyone had the mind of making up and speaking calmly. I knew that would go out the window the second the Skype call started. I knew these people. They were all so testy and short-tempered. I wasn’t, but I always acted like it. Those kids were insane enough to make anyone short-tempered. I couldn’t believe I got away with acting short-tempered all year. It was amazing, and working out even better now that the case of Toby’s murder was going on. This short-temper thing was working to my advantage. I knew I couldn’t just act calm since about all of this. No, I had to act like I was more short-tempered than ever before. I was a bit worried, though. I had to have the perfect balance between too much of a defensive side, and a calm side. Being too much of one would give me away for sure. I sat down to eat dinner still thinking about this. Throughout the entire time I was eating, I was plotting the balance of the two sides of me.

I could barely contain my excitement for the next Skype meeting. I decided to take a walk and risk running into neighbors. Going outdoors would be good for me, since I wouldn’t have a need to go outside every single day with school being out. I was so glad I wouldn’t have to be going to that school every single day, but at the same time, the not going outside thing would probably bother me. No Jenny to talk to, so what was the point? I was surprised at the fact that I was actually a little upset about her being in jail. Why was I? After all, I planned on putting her in life prison. I don’t know why it bothered me. Maybe it was because she was the first person to actually talk to me besides the principal. Suddenly, I had an idea.