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I’m sorry I didn’t post on Friday. Actually, no I’m not. It was my birthday and I willingly took the day off!

Anyway, I know all of my regular readers were expecting Monday Murder, but remember that really long post last Monday? That was the last of it. I had to post an extremely long post to make sure I got all of it in before I started the editing process. I know, it’s a cliffhanger of sorts. Want more? Be patient — the book is coming!

Now, on Mondays, I’m going to go a little off track about writing, and talk about things more in my genre. That’s right, I’ll be talking about the latest murders. I will post a link and give my opinions on it. It sounds dumb, I know, but hopefully I can make it interesting for you all.

It will require a little more research on my part, but I’m willing to do so if you’re willing to read it. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I think I’m going to. Feedback of how you think it will be is welcome! Until Wednesday, readers. Happy writing!

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Keep the faith, writers. I believe in you all.