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I’m sorry I didn’t post on Friday. With it being Halloween, I had to go straight to my grandparents’ house right after I got off of work and didn’t have a chance to get on my laptop!

Today’s murder is…especially disturbing to me. Here is the article: http://dallas.culturemap.com/news/city-life/08-05-14-college-student-triple-murder-dallas-rapper-justin-pharez-smith/

Today’s murder takes place in Dallas. That’s only about an hour away from where I live! Dallas will probably be where most of these are, because that’s the biggest city near me and that’s what pops up on Google when I search for murder crimes.

Justin Pharez Smith seems to have lost it completely. I don’t know what would compel anyone to make a rap about gun violence and then actually kill someone. How and why would you do that? He’s only 21. He’s a year older than me. He has thrown his life away.

A woman that was shot in the head played dead and survived the shooting. Good for her! She could have easily died if it wasn’t for her quick thinking. Unfortunately, Smith managed to kill three of the six people he was after.

Police suspect that drugs were involved in the shooting, though he is going through a breakup. I’m sorry, but drugs and breakups are not a good excuse to go around killing people. I’ve gone through quite a few breakups. The only killing I do is in my novels. I’m not willing to go to prison for actually killing anyone.

Smith apparently went to his mother’s house in Arlington. That’s really disturbing. It only takes fifteen minutes to get to Arlington from my house. How scary is it to know that a murderer could have been just around the corner?

His rap is included in the article. What do you think about Smith and his reason for going on the killing spree? Let me know in the comments!

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