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I’m sorry I didn’t get the prompt up again on Friday. My day was completely thrown off. We got ready to go get my niece for the weekend about an hour after I got home from work. I was focused on getting all the rest I could get! Prompts should be back to normal this Friday — promise!

Here is the article for today’s murder: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/knife-killer-who-turned-victims-4605212

This is terrifying, if you ask me. The fact that this guy can re-enact a fight scene after killing someone is horrifying. I can’t even imagine what must go through someone’s mind to do something like that.

The article says he celebrated the murder. That’s right. He celebrated. I can’t even imagine that. I wouldn’t be celebrating. I would be haunted, and I know I wouldn’t want to be spending 20-something years in a jail cell!

All three of them have a total of 66 years in between them in jail. I don’t know why they aren’t spending the rest of their lives in there. They probably would be if it had happened here. I  certainly wouldn’t want them walking around on the street again. I would be hidden away in my house!

If you ask me, Ryan Singleton is the most terrifying of the three. He actually enjoyed killing. I bet he doesn’t even feel guilty about it and he doesn’t mind spending over 20 years in prison. I can’t even imagine that. I may write murder mysteries, and I may enjoy reading them, but I  can’t imagine actually enjoying killing someone!

I guess there are people out there who really enjoy that, but I can’t imagine what goes on in their minds. It’s terrifying, if you ask me.

What do you think about this murder? Let me know in the comments!

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