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I’m so glad to be getting back to lessons. I enjoy these and I missed doing them!

Today, I’m going to talk to you about letting life get in the way. I know, I let it, so I’m going to seem like the biggest hypocrite ever today. I hated it, trust me.

I understand that sometimes you can’t help it. The family is in town and you want to spend time with them, you’re taking care of your newborn and too tired to think straight, or you just don’t feel like dealing with anything. I know. I get it.

Your fans depend on you. Even if you don’t have a big fan base, I’m sure you have some. I didn’t think I had any, but then I met one. But that’s not important right now. The point is, you have fans. Let them know you’re still alive.

Guess what letting your fans know you’re still alive means? You guessed it — making time! Make time for your website, make time for working on your manuscript, make time for anything you need to do. If you really want to write, you can make time.

You might say, “But I don’t see where I can squeeze in time. My child is little and all of my time is devoted to him.” Wrong. There’s this thing called nap time and bed time. Don’t take a nap and write while your kid is asleep. Write after your kid goes to bed. You have time. you’re just making excuses.

“But what about my job? I can’t make time because of that.” You have your lunch break, don’t you? Get to writing!

Excuses are way too common when it comes to writing. Don’t be that way. Get to writing.