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I’m so glad to be doing so well on getting back to updating my blog. I missed it so much when I was forced to take a break!

Lately, I’ve been editing. A lot. I’m getting sick and tired of my own work. Well, actually, I was there before, but the break I was forced to take definitely helped.

That’s another problem with writing, isn’t it? During the editing process, we get sick and tired of our own work. Yeah, it happens. I know. It’s terrible, isn’t it? We start out so passionately, but yet we get sick and tired of reading our own words. Over, and over, and over again… It hurts. It really hurts. We get so sick of it, it’s painful to go over it just one more time.

Getting to the fourth draft of your book can really suck the life out of you…writing wise, anyway. I’m sick and tired of looking at my own words. I’m ready to be able to send this off to beta readers so I don’t have to look at it anymore for a month.

Beta readers. See, that’s another problem with writing! These are the first few people that will ever see your work. Ever. You get your first ever feedback of what people think of your work. What if they think it’s crap? What if they think it’s great? What if the sales are nothing like you think they should be out of the response you get? Okay, time to calm down… My anxiety is skyrocketing.

There’s a lot of problems with writing, but you have to get past them. I know, it’s not easy. It’s easier to say forget it, but let’s not do that. Come on, writers. Show everyone who’s boss. You are. Let’s do this.download (8)