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Yet another day to take a look at lessons we can all learn. This week, we’re taking a look at knowing your beta readers.

If you read Monday’s post, you know that I’m in the process of sending my work out to beta readers. Well, really, it will be sent out on Friday, but you get the picture. I’m looking for them. And I have them. Now just getting the contact information remains. Then, the fun begins.

I would advise you to not get just anyone to read your work. There are trolls out there. People will slaughter your work just to slaughter it. Don’t hand it those people. Hand it to people you trust.

On the other side of that, don’t give it to people that aren’t going to be honest with you. Your family and some friends may not be a good choice. They might not want to hurt your feelings and say, “Oh, well, it’s really good. I loved it!” Chances are, they know a lot of work needs to be done. They just don’t want to cause waves.

So, how do you balance it out? It can be hard. Believe me, I know. I wasn’t really sure who I was going to use as a beta reader before I started. Personally, I chose friends who tell it like it is. It’s a small group of friends, and I’m glad to have them. I feel like these people will be honest with me. You do the same.

I’m not saying that to say you should be exactly like me. No way. You don’t want to be like me. I don’t deal with copycats. What I’m saying is, get a small group of friends together that will be honest with you. Get a small group of friends that will help your book become the best it can be.

Ready for beta readers? Now that you know who to look for, go find them. Right now. Let the hunt begin!