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Sorry guys, the prompts are becoming more and more rare. It’ll become easier to get to them once the time changes again. For now, it’s another day to look at what the trouble with writing is. This week, we’re looking at the weather.

I know. The weather seems to have nothing to do with writing. Shut up.

The weather has more to do with writing than what you might think. We  write based on our mood. The weather can have a lot to do with our mood.

Say it’s a rainy day. It’s anything but rainy here. Instead we have an ice storm. I’m sorry, where were we again?

Oh, yes, rainy day. It’s all doom and gloom outside. Just work with me here and pretend. Doom and gloom can put you in a bad mood, so your writing may be about your character being in a bad mood. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

In the same way, if it’s sunny, it may be a good day to write about happiness and sunshine (someone help me. I’m drowning in ick).

If it’s all icy outside, well, I guess that depends on how you feel about it. Especially if it’s pouring sleet like it was earlier here.

So, yes, doom and gloom equals sad writing, happiness and sunshine equals happy writing (someone save me please).

Got it? Good. Now go look out the window and get to writing.

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