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Today’s post is a little later than usual. I’ve been busy. I know, shame on me. Boo-hoo. Whatever.

It’s another Wednesday, so it’s time to look at another lesson. Today, we’re looking at taking the beta readers’ suggestions.

I got beta reader feedback on Monday. I only got two reviews, but those reviews helped a lot. It did hurt to hear bad things about my work. I’m a writer. It hurts. You know what you do about that? Suck it up and read what they have to say. It may hurt, but really, they’re trying to help you. Trust me.

Look at what the beta reader as to say. Multiple times. The second time doesn’t hurt as bad. I promise. The second time you’re pretty much over yourself and look at it with an open mind. At least, that’s how it was for me. I even saw that I misinterpreted it. It happens. That’s why you look over it more than once.

Guys, come on. If we don’t want to do what the beta readers say, why have beta readers? You don’t want to go to an editor and have them say basically what the beta readers said, do you? That would be embarrassing. You don’t want to get an, “I told you so,” do you? Then don’t. Look at the beta reader suggestions.

Get it together, guys. Beta readers really do want to help you. I know, they can tear you apart. I’ve been torn apart. But guess what? I survived. And so will you. So, that being said, get to writing. Go start editing based on what the beta readers said. Right now. Shoo!

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