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Before we get started today, I want to say that prompts will be making a return! Eventually. You would think it would be easier now that the time has changed…but things keep coming up. Anyway…

It’s another Monday, so it’s time to look at another reason why writing is nothing but trouble. This weeks, we’re looking at nervousness.

We all get nervous when someone gives us feedback on our book. Heck, I experienced that this morning when I discovered there was a snippet of edits from my editor. You could say my heartbeat sped up more than just a little. Not cool, but perfectly normal.

We all get nervous, right? I got nervous when a couple beta readers got back to me, and I got nervous again when my editor got back to me. But you know what? Anyone who gives you criticism is trying to help you. Believe me, I would know. My manuscript is sounding so much better after the editor has gotten a hold of it. I love the way it’s sounding now. She even figured out a lot of the sentences that were bothering me!

I guess that’s what the trouble with writing is, though. We get nervous, even though we know it’s to help us. We also get discouraged when someone doesn’t like the way we did something. I know I did… I may or may not have shed a couple tears when one beta reader gave it to me how it was, even though I fully expected it (you know who you are).

So, what do you struggle with when it comes to writing? Let me know what you would like to see posted about in the comments!

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