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Another Monday, another time to look at what the trouble with writing is.

Last week, I talked about how much of a pain it can be to work with professionals. Necessary, but a huge pain sometimes.

One of the many reasons that it’s a pain to work with them, like I mentioned last week, is you never know when you’re getting it back. Well, I got mine back on Thursday, so I’m happy about that.

This week, we’re looking at another big pain of working with professionals — the payment.

Writing isn’t cheap. I wish someone had told me that back when I first started talking about getting published. It’s also not easy. Oh, yeah, I wish someone had told me that, too.

You have to choose a professional based on what you think would be a good fit for you. I’m personally a big fan of Thumbtack right now. I’m getting a lot of emails in the next 24 hours about editors. I’ve gotten five from editors just since I started this post!

Again, the big problem with finding the right editor is also based on your budget. I’m going to have to wait for a while and see if I can reach up to what the payment would be based on who I decide would be good for me. The last editor I had, although amazing and a lot less expensive than what it would normally be, pretty much cleaned me out. It’s a good thing I got paid the day after she got it back to me!

So, what are you doing to make sure you can afford the editors? I’m pretty much just waiting to get paid and buy as little as possible otherwise. Feel free to let me know what you do in the comments!

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