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Today is April 1. Let’s hope WordPress isn’t in the habit of making pranks.

This week, we’re talking about pushing through. It’s not always easy, I know. I woke up with my sinuses hurting like crazy, but I’m still trying to push through. I’ve got homework, reading, and…oh yeah, writing. I slept longer than usual, yet I’m still drained… Yeah, I’m still pushing through.

Okay, enough of my complaining. You can complain all you want about being sick and not feeling like doing anything. I know how that is. But sometimes, you still have to do it. You want to get that book out on time? Get to writing. You don’t want to because you feel sick? Do you really want to get that book out? Get to writing.

Now, sometimes, you really just can’t deal with it. I understand that. Sometimes it’s really just not possible. You can take a sick day every once in a while, but if you did every time you felt just the slightest bit off, would you ever get anything done? Or maybe that’s just me, who almost always feels just a tiny bit off.

So pop a couple pain pills and get over yourself. That’s what I do. It works, trust me. It does wear off in a few hours, but by then, you’re able to take more, anyway. As for if you feel tired… Well, it’s okay to take like ten minute naps. I’ll admit it, I do.

So, even if you feel not okay, are you ready to start writing? If not, you should be. Read, set, get to writing!

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