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It’s another Monday, so it’s time to take another look at what the trouble with writing is. This week, we’re talking about professionals.

I know, we talked about professionals not too long ago, but we’re looking at a different angle. What do you do when the professional is booked out until who knows when?

Well, I guess all you can do then is wait. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll have enough money to use their services by then.

If you can’t already tell, this happened to me recently.

I recently got in contact with a second editor like my first editor wanted me to. This editor did an amazing job with the sample edit she did for me, so I really want to use her services. There’s a problem, though: she’s really expensive, and she’s booked out until mid-May. The struggle is real.

So, all I can do is wait. The good thing is, I have another paycheck coming in before she wants me to contact her again, so I can save up just a little more money by then. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to pay her half of it, since that’s about what she wants me to pay to do the whole thing anyway.

I guess that’s really a struggle we all deal with. We find these professionals we really like, but they’re expensive and they’re busy. Really, though, I guess that’s a good problem to have. I’m looking forward to seeing what this editor can do!

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