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It’s another Monday, so it’s time to look at what the trouble with writing is once again. This week, we’re looking at unexpected expenses.

I know I’ve talked about money a lot recently, but that’s where I’m at right now with Days of the Kill. Can you tell? Anyway…

A lot of unexpected expenses can seem to come up when all we want to do is save up enough money to hire someone to edit our work, format it, do the cover art… You get the picture.

Recently, I had an unexpected expense of $500. You can imagine how much of a dent that put in my plan to be able to save for an editor. At least I get paid on Friday… Hurry up payday, right?

I guess that’s the problem with not only writing, but adulthood. These expenses can really get the best of us if we let them. Unfortunately, a lot of times, we let them.

I recently spoke with someone about not getting an editor because she didn’t have the funds for it. So what? I don’t have the funds for it either, yet I’m trying to save up for an editor. Do you want your book to do well? Get an editor. Save up for one. That’s what I’m having to do.

The stupidity of some people kill me.

Look, I get it. There’s a lot of unexpected expenses out there that come up. I know it happens. But here’s the thing: You can look for fundraising ideas and put that money aside. Just don’t dip into that money. Just…don’t. That’s a bad idea.

I guess I’m done ranting about it for this week. Wednesday is back to the regular lessons!

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