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Today, we’re looking at lesson 52. Do you know what that means, guys? One full year of lessons!

Today, we’re looking at marketing. I know, I’m probably the last person you want to hear about marketing from because I’m inexperienced and hired someone to do that for me. Hey now, she approached me. Quit rolling your eyes.

We’ll go through this journey together. I mean, my publicist surely can’t reach everyone, so I have to do some of that marketing myself. Right? Of course right.

Okay, so, where was I?

Oh, yeah, marketing.

Marketing is an evil word to all writers. We should spend time writing instead of marketing our books…right? Do you want them to sell? We have to market.

I’ve seen a lot of authors on Twitter being…noisy, let’s say. They’re screaming, “BUY MY BOOK!” and putting a link. Um…yeah. Don’t do that. I unfollow those people because they’re annoying.

Instead of just screaming and posting a link on social media, make relationships. That’s what I do. Well, let’s be honest, I tend to talk to the same people over and over again, but on some social media sites, I’ve actually talked to people who are actually excited to see Days of the Kill come out, and I already have a few buyers.

So, are you using social media to market? Are you being noisy, or are you forming relationships? Think about that next time you get on any social media.

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