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It’s Monday (though the middle of the night where I am…who cares?), so it’s time to look at what the trouble with writing is once again. This week, we’re looking at money…in a way.

The spin on money is a little different this week. I can tell you right now that I still haven’t even reached halfway to my goal amount. I will hit halfway next week. Yay!

Anyway, the trouble I’m looking at this week is the fact that we never look at the positive side of all that money we spend, or how we know when we’re on the downhill run. I know, I’m guilty of it, too.

I was looking at all I had to do still. I’ll probably get someone on CreateSpace to do my formatting for me, so that’s what, a hundred bucks? Not too bad, considering all the money we put into editing. There’s also the cover artist still, which comes before the formatting. I found someone that could do a cover for both the ebook and the paper book, all for $125!

So, basically, I’ll be on the downhill run once I get this editing over and done with. I’m excited about it. But while I was thinking about that, I realized that I’ve been so focused on raising money for an editor, and needing to just raise money, and I have all these other expenses as well, that I haven’t even thought about how close I am to being published. Yes, I still have a couple other things after the editor, but I’ll be on the downhill run.

I think that’s a problem with a lot of writers. We’re so focused on one thing, that we forget about the others. We don’t look at the positive side of things. I know I can’t be the only pessimistic writer in the world.

I guess that about does it for today. Be ready for Wednesday’s lesson. I may just continue on this subject!

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