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It’s Wednesday again, so it’s time to look at another lesson. As promised, we’re talking about the positive side of spending all of that money.

The fact that a lot of money goes into writing a book can be discouraging. Sometimes, it can make you not want to write at all. I would know. Been there, done that…just a few minutes ago, actually.

I had to get myself out of the slump, and tear myself away from the show I was watching. When I turned into a binge watcher is beyond me. But that’s beside the point…

Believe it or not, there are positive sides to having to save up money for an editor, cover artist, formatter…you get the point.

The positive side is the fact that your book is going to look amazing and be amazing. Editors may be the most expensive people you come across, but the money you spend on them is so worth it.

I recently talked to an author that claims she didn’t have to go the editor route. Um…what? She’s selling overpriced (like way overpriced) unedited books to people? And she’s actually selling them? Of all the ridiculous things I’ve heard…

Anyway, I’m getting off track here.

Saving that money up can be a tedious thing, and it’s hard when a lot of expenses come your way. For me, a lot of my expenses have to do with school, and that’s not cheap, considering I’m paying for school myself. It may not be as expensive as a traditional university is, but it’s expensive enough! Really, it puts a dent in saving up money for an editor. I’m a typical broke college student, if we’re being honest here.

So, what is the positive side, exactly? You actually get an amazing product. That book is your baby. Treat it like you care. If you don’t care about the book, neither will your readers.

Look toward the ultimate goal — publishing that book. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll be a little more willing to save all you can that way.

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