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I apologize for not posting at all last week. I was sick on Monday, I didn’t have a chance on Wednesday, and Friday was just filled with…everything else.

It’s Monday, and I’m feeling much better than I was last week, so it’s time to look at what the trouble with writing is once again.

This week, we’re back to talking about money. I know, I’m pretty much beating a dead horse with this subject, but hey, just work with me here.

I recently reached my halfway goal for the editor I’ve been saving up for (yay!). But I’m pretty sure it sunk down to less than halfway once again. With necessary purchases (like my payment for school that was due a couple weeks ago), and purchases of things that I just wanted (those darn ebooks are just too tempting.)

Sometimes, we tend to get out of control with our purchases, and don’t think about it. I’m not saying don’t pay the bills — you need to do that if you want to have comfort in your home. But try to limit buying the things you want. I struggle with that, too.

It can be hard to limit yourself on things you want, especially if you’re a shopaholic, of any sort. As for me, I spent a lot of money on buying clothes for my nieces and nephew not too long ago…whoops!

So are you spending too much money to save up, or are you spending it wisely? I’m going to try and save up more than I have been. I do want to be published one of these days!

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