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Before we get started today, I want to say that prompts will be making a return. I hope. I’m afraid I’ve gotten a little lazy with those. Summers are good for that. So sue me.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday, so that means it’s time for another lesson. This week, we’re talking about not tearing our manuscript apart too much before the editor takes a look at it.

I admit it, I’ve done this multiple times. My manuscript is about to go to an editor, so I freak out and look over it again. I think, “Well, maybe I can get it just a little bit better…” In reality, I probably only succeeded in making it worse.

It’s hard to do, I know. Maybe it’s harder for me because this is my first time to ever go through this, but it’s still tough. When editors have your manuscript, you know they’re going to tear your baby apart (to make it better, that is!).

I’ve had a couple editors look at my manuscript before (well, one was a free sample, and I couldn’t really afford her, so…), and they both made it better. I’m sure that the final editor that I have look at it will make it even better. I did manage to get the major wrinkles that were bothering me out, so that’s one good thing, and now I’m trying to not look at it again until the editor is ready for it, and get the other wrinkles ironed out.

Like I said, it’s tough, but maybe we should try to just take our minds off of the manuscripts for a while when the professionals are about to take care of it. Focus on something else for a while. Ready for a break? One, two, three, go.

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