Hey all, I’m finally getting back to a normal schedule on blogging. This week, we’re talking about promotion.

I’m new at this whole promotion thing, so I’ll be walking through this with you. I’ve had some help, though. 🙂

Promoting your book is beyond important. How else are you going to let people know about it? It won’t magically appear in the hands of people…trust me.

I used to think, “Oh, I’ll promote it when it’s out. I don’t have to do anything before that. I’ll be rich and famous after saying something about it after it’s out.”

Yeah, no. Promotion doesn’t work like that.

You want to promote your book way before it’s out, and way before I started (well, unless you count bringing it up in blogs countless times…then I’ve been promoting it since the month after I started writing it). Schedule posts for your Facebook page. Schedule Twitter posts. Make connections and they’re more likely to promote your work.

Oh, and word about Facebook author pages… Guys, don’t wait until the book is out to make your author page. I used to think that I would wait. If that were the case, I still wouldn’t have made it, and I wouldn’t have 5,000+ likes. You don’t want to wait. Trust me.

Different strategies for promotion work for different people. Some things that work for me might not work for others. If you have any tips, please let others know.

So, what do you do for promotion? Let me know in the comments!

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