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It’s Monday, so it’s another time to look at what the trouble of writing is. These can be quite entertaining.

This week, we’re looking at being so close, yet so far away from the end.

If you’ve been following me on either site for any length of time, you know that I have been hand-writing a draft. I know it sounds insane, but with changing it from first person to third and having a lot of different plot changes…it sounded easier than the daunting task of switching screens back and forth all the time, or making a lot of use out of the backspace. I do that enough already!

I’m getting so close to the end. I have less than 20 pages left (finally!), and I have no doubt that I can get it done fairly soon. Then of course I’ll have to type it…but I’m not ready to think about that yet.

We all get close to the end. Maybe the end you’re facing is the end of a draft, or maybe you’re getting close to the final draft of your manuscript before you publish it. Whatever it is, the end can be an exciting time. The only problem is getting there.

Why does it seem like every single time we get close to the end, there are more distractions than ever? It sure does get frustrating, doesn’t it? Maybe a family member needs you. A friend needs you. Those things are understandable. But every once in a while, there are some that just are not acceptable. You get distracted by the internet, maybe (been there, done that).

I’m not saying the use of the internet isn’t acceptable. How else are you going to research (okay, I know there’s encyclopedias, but when you’re already sitting down in front of a computer…)? Research is important, but so is writing. Don’t get distracted so close to the end.

Okay, I think I’m done ranting about it for now. Wednesday may be a continuation about this. See you then!

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