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Hello, everyone. We’re back to another Monday to look at what the trouble with writing is. This week, we’re looking at writing when you’re just not sure what to write.

Not that we’re doing this because I honestly have no clue what to write today. Nope, not one bit. Okay…fine. That’s exactly why we’re looking at this today.

Sometimes we just get into this rut and we have no clue what to write. We get stuck. Some may call it writer’s block.

Now, personally, I don’t believe in writer’s block because there’s always something to be written. We just haven’t discovered it yet. When it’s not discovered, we get stuck.

Once in a while, we have to force out the words. Just a fair warning, it’s more than likely going to be terrible. That’s okay. That’s what editing is for. At least you have words on paper.

Something I’ve noticed that helps is if I get stuck, I just bang out some words on my laptop and don’t let myself stop for a while. Say…ten minutes. Somebody famous suggested that. I don’t remember who it was at the moment, but I’ve seen it on a site that I frequent. It was credited to that famous person. Yay famous person that suggested it. You are a life saver.

I really should look up who that was. Maybe I will and let you all know on Wednesday.

Anyway, I seem to have gotten off track here.

What do you do when you don’t know what to write about? Writing is my therapy, so I can’t just push everything aside for a while. I have to force it.

Feel free to let me know what you do in the comments!

Writer Block