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Hey all, I’m sorry for not getting a post up these past few weeks. It’s been crazy around here. I also don’t have a laptop currently because my motherboard crashed, so I more than likely won’t be posting a lot until I get it back. I had a few minutes today, though, so here we go.

This week, we’re talking about getting your name out there.

I know, I’ve probably talked about this before, but we’re going to focus on this again just because of the experience I had this weekend.

I was at a multi-author signing called AuthorFest. It was such a great experience! I met so many amazing authors, and because of that, I was invited to more events! And, of course, I got my name out there.

This event was definitely a learning curve for me. I learned the importance of bookmarks… A little too well. I guess I should get on with getting those made!

If you don’t know, it is definitely important to get a bookmark to promote yourself. It can lead people to your website and your books. I never even really thought about it. Now I know the importance more than ever. I sold four books this weekend, which really isn’t bad. Maybe if I had bookmarks, I could have sold more.

But let’s not focus on the negative about that.

The point is, it is so important to get your name out there. Call your local bookstore and get a signing set up. Create your own website. Do whatever it takes to get yourself known. Besides, book signings are a lot of fun. This weekend was my second, and I’ve had nothing but a positive experience.

Keep on writing, everyone. It’s a wild but amazing ride!

13178607_10208119307794095_6941120652988758781_nAuthorFest 2016!